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Common problems professionals may face include long working hours at desks often without breaks, slumping in the chair either at work or when commuting long distances, eating fast / unhealthy food high in calories on the go. Stress related which impacts their home / family life and makes them over eat and live unhealthy lifestyles.

Comprehensive health assessment undertaken with said clients with results for client to take away. Working with professional men and women, the main focus is on developing an all round tailored 12 week plan on improving strength, fitness and mindset, striving to achieve their goals, working one to one and and in small groups to help clients become the best version of themselves and push them out of their comfort zones. Guidance and coaching around nutrition tailored to their goals and clients hormone levels assessed to inform nutrition guidance to ensure clients stay on track and stay accountable throughout their fitness journey.

My Testimonials
What My Clients have to say
Simon's programme on building core strength was incredibly enjoyable & worthwhile. I'd definitely recommend it to others
John Thomas
Simon helped my massively in weight loss & eating well. In 6 months i lost 21 lbs & have changed my outlook on the importance of eating well
Jayne Edwards
I undertook the Mental Health & Wellbeing in the workplace programme. It was very useful in helping me cope with the stresses & strains of the corporate world. Would highly recommend
Ben Smith