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Common problems teaching staff may face at work include possible back problems such as bad posture due to unsuitable chairs in the classroom and having to assume standing position while working at the board, suffering muscle fatigue / aches and pains and stress due to sitting long hours working behind a desk or working remotely (from home) and not taking enough breaks. Pronation of the (hunched shoulders) from working at a computer for long hours at the office.


A series of small Group Training sessions and or one to one PT sessions with a bespoke programme to increase employees fitness levels focused on posture correction this would improve productivity including higher concentration levels at work and improved physical and mental health and general well-being.

My Testimonials
What My Clients have to say
Simon's programme on building core strength was incredibly enjoyable & worthwhile. I'd definitely recommend it to others
John Thomas
Simon helped my massively in weight loss & eating well. In 6 months i lost 21 lbs & have changed my outlook on the importance of eating well
Jayne Edwards
I undertook the Mental Health & Wellbeing in the workplace programme. It was very useful in helping me cope with the stresses & strains of the corporate world. Would highly recommend
Ben Smith